Message From Chairman

It is an incredible joy for me to be a part of Nepal Hub Education family as a Chairperson.
As we probably are aware, Japan is one of the created and prosperous nations on the planet. Its regular magnificence, rich and differing society and way of life have truly intrigued individuals round the globe. Additionally, its mechanical forward leap and instructive headway have made interest and fascination in the individuals everywhere throughout the world. In such manner, Nepal and Nepalese can’t stay reserved from the impact of Japan. Therefore, Japan has become a famous goal for abroad investigation among Nepalese Students and vocation searchers.

Remembering about these realities, Nepal Japan Hub Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. was set up on 2015 A.D. so as to help Nepalese Student who wants to seek after their training from all inclusive perceived Universities. We have been offering numerous types of assistance and have additionally been filling in as an extension between Nepalese Students in Japanese Language Schools, Colleges and Universities.
In this manner, we might want to invite all of you in Nepal Japan Hub Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. We guarantee you a cordial situation and experienced assistance. Joining Nepal Hub has consistently been a decent choice from the piece of understudies. We have, consistently, been very careful about our endeavors to emerge each part of understudy fulfillment. Directing, documentation, language planning, and generally speaking help have consistently been our needs. Understudies and our accomplices can discover the amazing quality help at Nepal Hub Education.
Select the Hub International Office nearest to you on our site and contact our authorities for exhortation. We are consistently glad to welcome and help you. Our workplaces are Kathmandu, Dharan, Morang, Nepalgunj, Bardibas, Sindhuli and Chautar, Nepal.

I might want to invite everybody to be a piece of Nepal Japan Hub Education Consultancy.


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